The Total Touch POS Team

"About Total Touch POS" by John Biba, V.P. & Vince Becker CEO


We have been Restaurant POS systems resellers for over 40 years and during that time we have marketed, installed and supported every major brand of POS software and hardware from mechanical cash registers to networked PC systems.


In all cases, we found that there were things that made the software difficult to install, train, use and support and there were a number of "Bells and Whistles" that just weren't needed by most of our customers.


"Bells and Whistles" that got in the way of functionality. "Bells and Whistles" that someone writing the software decided were essential or the next great "thing" but a restaurant operator didn't need and would gladly do without.


We knew that there had to be a better way to approach the Restaurant POS market.


Here is a novel idea. How about listening to your customers ... and providing solutions that match their operational needs and don't get in the way of a restaurant's main business... providing the best dining experience possible.


We would get so frustrated with our software suppliers when we would tell them what functionality our customers needed from their software to run their restaurants.


Often the response from these software developer/vendors was, "now why would anyone want to do it that way?" Maybe because that is what made sense to a restaurateur that has been running a successful restaurant for many, many years?


These software developer/vendors were writing software from their point of view rather from the restaurateur's.


Sometimes they got it right but never would they admit that sometimes they got it wrong and further that there might be a better way.


Drove us nuts! Maybe you too?


So, about ten years ago we started from scratch, listened to our customers and applied our over 100 years of combined Restaurant POS experience to the effort of creating a Restaurant POS software suite that was


“Designed with YOU in Mind.”


"...a POS system that has everything you, a Restaurant operator, need and nothing you don’t…"


Total Touch POS software is the result of this creative effort. We made the software intuitive and as simple to install, train, use and support as a smart cash register but gave it the power and flexibility of a robust computer networked system.


We left out the "Bells and Whistles" that get in the way of using a POS system to run a restaurant effectively, efficiently and profitably. Total Touch POS is full of features but not full of features that you won't use. By the way, we also decided that we would let our customers tell us what was going to be the next great "thing."


We have installed many Total Touch POS systems (Metro Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana) accross the U.S. and they have performed flawlessly and beyond all expectations.


As an example, we recently installed a 12 terminal Total Touch POS system in a well respected 54 year old business and restaurant. We began the installation at 9:00am and by 2:30pm that same day all systems were live, all employees trained, all menus created , and all functions of the system (Table Service Order Entry, Gift cards, Credit cards, Bar Tabs, Phone In-Carry Out, Back Office Management, and our unique Stock Qty/86 Items tracking) were fully operational.


The Total Touch POS system is so intuitive and “goof proof” that there was literally nothing left for our installation team to do but sit down, have an early dinner and listen to the praises coming from the employees.


Well, these are big claims and you don't have to take our word for it....all you have to do is....




BlueFrogTechnologies, Inc. is a customer focused company that puts customer service and support first and not profit. You will get the best POS software and support for the best price. We figured if we do the job right and beyond the customer's expectations, then the profit will take care of itself. And honestly, we have some of the most outstanding customers in our market. We have great friends, not just customers.