My Testimonial as a dealer by Ernie Beidleman

     I have been in this business for over 40 years.  Through the years of being in business we have representated companies who excelled in their field.  Total Touch POS has answered all our questions and has satisfied our and our customers needs from day 1 on becoming a dealer.

      As a dealer we were attracted to Total Touch POS because of their many years in business and representing companies, as we did and too have the knowledge of the industry.

     We too, like Total Touch were tired of software companies not listening to our recomendations as dealers.  Our recomendations come from you, the customer.

     Total Touch is extremely reliable, dependable and comprehensive from the touch screen point of sale functionality to the back office reporting.  Their support to us and the dealers throughout the country is outstanding.


     We are very happy to represent Total Touch POS.

Here is a sample of a satisfied customer.

Claddagh Pub 2918 O'donnell Street, Baltimore, Md.

     Claddagh PUB located at 2918 O'donnell Street, Baltimore, MD.  Claddaghs is one of the most popular pubs in Canton, Md.  They open at 11am daily and close at 2am.  A very busy bar restaurant environment.  Denny, Michael and Vivian Clarke family do an outstanding job at a very busy establishment.  St. Patricks day weekend brings in thousands of customer over that weekend.