Drive ultra-high participation from your customers with this easy to use solution

How It Works

     MercuryLoyalty is the incomparable solution to grow your business and keep your best customers coming back. Leveraging the consumers mobile phone, MercuryLoyalty provides a powerful yet simple way to acquire loyal and engaged customers. Create a better experience for your customers and start competing with the big box stores today!


  1. Enhance customer convenience by simply collecting consumer’s mobile number at the check-out counter for registration
  2. The quick and easy online enrollment process allows consumers to share additional information allowing merchants to identify them
  3. Understand your consumers buying behavior better with all the data captured and consumer profiles built
  4. Reach out to your consumers with relevant and targeted opt-in marketing campaigns via SMS text, email and social media
  5. When customers present the received coupon codes for discounts the POS automatically validates the codes
  6. Log-in to your dashboards to track and analyze customer behavior and measure the ROI on all the campaigns conducted